Congregation Jewish Center of Brighton Beach (JCBB) strives to be the religious, intellectual, and spiritual home for the Jews of the Brighton Beach area. We provide a wide range of classes and program for different age groups and backgrounds. The warm and welcoming atmosphere makes the JCBB an attractive home to all Jews.
Since its inception in 1928, the JCBB has served as a major hub of activity for the Jewish community in Brighton Beach/Coney Island. Each year thousands of individuals participate in religious services, classes, workshops, and lectures offered at the Center.
The JCBB is an Orthodox Synagogue that operates annually, seven days a week. The Center also serves as headquarters to the Russian American Jewish Experience (RAJE), which provides classes, activities, and trips to Israel for Jewish youths. JCBB/RAJE programming attracts several hundred college students on a weekly basis. Well-attended lectures on relationship building, career development, Jewish history and Hebrew language classes have served to expand offerings at the JCBB.
The JCBB has been featured in articles in the Jewish Week, The Jerusalem Report, Israeli newspapers, and Russian language publications. The building was also used in scenes from the Nicholas Cage film "Lord of War".
With tasteful Spanish Colonial Revival styling, the majestic four story JCBB building (originally called the Jewish Center of Coney Island) was built by the prominent architectural firm of Bloch & Hesse.
It is situated prominently on the busy Ocean Parkway thoroughfare with numerous high-rise apartment buildings within proximity. The Synagogue is located less than two blocks from Coney Island Hospital, Abraham Lincoln public high school, and the Q and F trains.
Jewish Center of Brighton Beach
2915 Ocean Parkway - Brooklyn, NY 11235
(718) 769-7400      jcofbb@gmail.com
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